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Grande Holland Wool Felt Horse

Image of Grande Holland Wool Felt Horse

Dimensions: 7.5”H x 7”W x 3”D
A 100% Holland Wool Felt Unicorn/Pegasus/Horse adorned with various Czech glass beads, sequins, and wool/silk/alpaca yarns. Carefully sew all of the details with attention to embroidered eyes, beaded appliqués, and custom rump-designs. Internally, wire framework helps the figure to stand.
I’ve used only the best materials! 100% Holland Wool Felt, Organic Wool Batting/stuffing, DMC embroidery floss, organic beeswax to coat the threads, and vegetable dyed yarns.

Note: Due to the small embellishments, this item is not meant for children under 7 years old. They're meant to be adored, with gentle play since they have delicate beadwork and details that are tiny.